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Re-design of the permanent exhibition

The EU-Project NETWORLD pursues the goal in nine lands of the Danube region of maintaining the structural legacy of the First World War and its use in cultural tourism, and thereby to set new impulses. First of all, the world war sites will be systematically registered and made accessable in a database. Maintenance strategies, management and cultural touristic uses of the structural legacy will be worked out. Tourist routes will be developed and joinly marketed under the brand “Walk of Peace”. The potential of new media in the use of this structural legacy for education and tourism will receive special attention.

In the framework of NETWORLD planned demonstration and education activities in Austria a highly symbolic site will be included: Schloss Artstetten, the family home of Franz Ferdinand von Österreich-Este, in which his descendants, the family Hohenberg,still live. In the commemorative year 2018 the newly designed permanent exhibition will be presented.The new thematic focus: emphasis on the Sarajevo assassination, the First World War, the post-war order and the new ordering of Europe, alternative perspectives (e.g. a plain soldier and a prisoner of war are quoted in short text passages), and much more besides. But also the personal career of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, his family and “Artstetten today” will be presented. To that end the site Schloss Artstetten will be linked to others with relevant thematic content,and material, as well to other important sites for the history of the First World War.

Revitalisation measures

In such a large house with its extensive nature parkland revitalisation projects are constantly being realised and planned:


The roof repairs were completed in August 2016.


The Pfingstrosen-Paradies (Peonies Paradise)

A total of over 1000 peony plants around the castle and in the nature-park bloom between May and June in all their glory. The plants were supplied by the plant specialist in Tulln, Franz Praskac, whose grandfather-in-law by the way had active contact with Archduke Franz Ferdinand around 1900 in the context of the Austrian Horticultural Society.


Park revitalisation and fountains

In the past few years the first steps in the revitalisation of the park were made: thus new and more convenient paths from the riding school to the castle were laid out.

The repair of the fountains was begun in Juni 2016 – the completion of both fountains in the avenue as well as Archduke Carl Ludwig's “Pool” is planned for October 2017.

The castle needs new towers

Schloss Artstetten is flanked by six onion-domed round towers, which Archduke Franz Ferdinand had erected and covered with copper sheeting in 1913.

In the course of the years dents from hailstones have appeared. In places the copper sheeting is already paper thin; the solder on the seams has broken in parts. The copper sheeting needs urgently to be renewed!


Restoration of historical upholstered furniture, paintings, objects....

Here it is possible to assume a patronage (e.g. for the restoration of a chair). We shall happily provide you with details.

We thank all those who have already supported us in the past!

If you too would like to contribute to the maintenance of this historic monument, we shall be most pleased to accept your donation. We are happy to inform you of the exact situation.

Even the smallest donation is a great contribution!


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